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About Us

Multigroove is all about unreserved, energetic and fully realized fun! Sound, light and decorations burst from our halls of dance, providing a sensory overload that envelopes ones mind and body. The attmosphere and camaraderie at Multigroove parties is contagious. We welcome you to come and drown in the experience which is a Multigroove event. We dance, therefore we are one.

With its rich history Multigroove is one of the oldest dance organizations in the Netherlands. Its bold, pioneering and passionate approach paved the way for many other event organizations involved in the scene. Following the first illegal underground events held in squatted buildings, empty warehouses and tunnels, Multigroove found its first permanent home in 1991 in an empty warehouse at the Elementenstraat in the Sloterdijk area of Amsterdam. As far as illegal parties went, it was a good run; 61 parties were held in consecutive weekends. From these raves, aptly named House of God, Multigroove reached the legendary status it holds today. This place was the birthplace for the later immensely popular Dreamteam (Buzz Fuzz, Dano, The Prophet and Gizmo) and was for artists like Pavo, Bass D., Champ-e-on and Fierce Ruling Diva (Jeroen Flamman & Abraxas) the kick-off of their career. In addition, for many contemporary artists the first Multigroove celebrations have been a great source of inspiration. DJs like Lady Dana, Chosen Few, Sunny D., Spider Willem and The Darkraver were regular and welcome guests. In the documentary Impact of VARA and Onrust of VPRO, one could see the images of the new phenomenon, which is still being talked about.

On May 15th, 1993 it came to a sudden and devistating end when police raided the Elementenstraat with a massive show of force. But the impact in the hearts of those who visisted these parties at the Elementenstraat lived on. For years to come wakes were held outside the old warehouse. Local government had to give up replacing the street sign which bore ‘Elementenstraat’. For the dance scene, Elementenstraat became the most famous street in Amsterdam and Multigroove recognized as the founder of Hardcore in the Netherlands. 23 years and hundreds of parties later the legend lives on with parties such as Hellbound, The Delicate Sound of Thunder, Haunted House, No Bullshit, Masters of the Chapel and of course, the only night festival in the Netherlands; Ground Zero Festival.



Al sinds 1995 staat Hellbound voor no nonsense, straight forward Hardcore. Niet voor gevoelige zieltjes, alleen pure onvervalste Hardcore gewoon zoals het hoort....


Tribute to Keith Flint (The Prodigy) by Franky Jones

Tribute to Keith Flint (The Prodigy) by Franky Jones Franky Jones zal tijdens Multigroove Elementenstraat (SOLD OUT) een ode brengen aan onze ultieme Rave held! Een icoon, een legend...


Mulitgroove Elementenstraat till 03:00

Multigroove Elementenstraat (SOLD OUT)  BREAKING NEWS 🚨 Het nieuws over een Multigroove Elementenstraat afterparty sloeg werkelijk in als een bom! Vele hebben wij moeten...


Multigroove Elementenstraat SOLD OUT

Multigroove Elementenstraat is completely SOLD OUT! See you all the 30th of March! Franky Jones // Darkraver // The Prophet // Dana // Spider...

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