Ground Zero Opening:
Through evil, I will turn to thee
These woods is where I need to be.
The grounds of nil shall rise again
And tremble the night without refrain

We are all children of sin,
born into existence out of darkness and witchcraft.
Our corrupt nature is empty of grace,
bent in black art, diabolism and Wickedness.
It is the dawn of a rebellion,
the rise of a malicious coven.
A darkness that threatens all worlds,
the Angels of chaos.
Immeasurably evil , craving for souls, parades through the night.
The last stronghold,
that still remains

We will bring you everlasting hell fire,
the guardians of torment,
We are now in control,
far away from illusion
We own it, make it your reality
We shall conquer this world,
it shall not consume us.
We cannot tame our natural evil.
Embrace the carnage

This is ground zero  – BLACK MAGIC!


Ground Zero Aftermovie:
The morning dew is gone and we’re full steam ahead to Ground Zero Festival 2019.
BEHOLD! BLACK MAGIC. The Ground Zero 2018 Aftermovie is here.

Ground Zero